Termites are social insects that live in concealed nests as ants do, with at least four main castes. The casts include winged males and females known as “swarmers.” Workers are white soft-bodied, ant-like insects without wings. Soldiers resemble workers with big heads and large brown-tipped jaws. Supplementary reproductive castles appear to be unusually large workers or have undeveloped wings. Numerous intercaste forms may also appear.


Environmentally Friendly Treatments with the Sentricon Colony Elimination System.

The Sentricon System became the No. 1 brand in termite protection by offering you proven termite colony elimination in an environmentally responsible
treatment. And now it’s even better!

We are excited to offer you the latest advancement to the Sentricon System—Always Active technology. Every Sentricon station will now contain bait, all the time, providing you continuous protection and greater peace of mind. It’s like having a termite technician on your property 24/7/365!

Always Active technology features innovative Recruit HD termite bait, which is inserted into all Sentricon stations upon installation so a monitoring-only phase is not necessary. Recruit HD termite bait is highly durable in the soil and resistant to degradation; highly desirable to termites, preferred over wood in laboratory and field tests; and highly dense, with more than double the amount of termite colony-killing bait in a single device than the previous bait.

With this new innovation, your termite protection and your peace of mind can be taken to a whole new level. Because the new bait will now be present on your property at all times, the label allows for one inspection per year, minimizing the chances of servicing a station while termite feeding is occurring. Schendel Pest Control will go above the label requirements and inspect your system two times per year. Schendel Pest Control also offers repellant and non-repellant liquid treatments. The different options of treatment and service for termites include:

• Sentricon termite baiting
• Preventative termite treatments
• New and post construction treatments
• Termite monitoring
• Personal and real estate inspections

Schendel Pest Control also offers chemical treatments using Termidor