Flour Beetles and Indianmeal Moths

Confused Flour Beetle

The confused flour beetle is the shiny, usually dark reddish-brown beetle about 1/8 inch long commonly found in flour mills, granaries, warehouses, and places where grain and grain products are stored. The antennal club is formed from the gradual enlargement of the last 3 sections.

Indianmeal Moth

The Indianmeal moth is one of the most common moth pests in kitchens and whatever grains, breakfast foods, nuts, seeds and many other similar materials are stored. The basal half of the front wings is gray or clay-colored and the other portion brownish or brownish gray or clay-colored and the outer wingspan 12 to 19 mm. The larva is a white to yellowish-colored worm. A dense mat of webbing on the surface of stored grain is indicative of an Indianmeal moth infestation.